Sörbo Squeegee Rubber



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Sörbo Rubber stands out for its quality, delivering consistent and exceptional results with every use. Tailored to seamlessly fit the unique contours of all Sörbo Channels, this rubber ensures a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Available in packs of 12 or in bulk quantities, opt for the natural variety in various lengths to suit your specific needs. For warmer climates, the firm rubber maintains its stiffness, while the soft rubber offers superior performance in cooler environments.

For ultimate versatility, consider the silicone variety—a 50-foot roll that allows you to customize the rubber to your desired size on demand. Perfect for businesses with diverse channel sizes, this option eliminates the need to stock pre-cut rubber, offering a cost-effective solution for small business owners.

Elevate your window cleaning game with Sörbo Rubber and experience unparalleled quality and efficiency.


  • High-Quality Rubber
  • Perfect Fit for all Widebody Sörbo Channels
  • Packs of 12 or a Gross in a Range of Lengths

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