Proteam Vacuum bags - 6 Quarts

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These high-quality ProTeam 100331 Intercept Micro Filter Bags are replacement vacuum filters engineered to not only safeguard the air quality of your indoor facilities but also to optimize the performance of your ProTeam vacuum. More than just your average vacuum filter, these ProTeam micro filter bags have a laminated inner lining that not only increases overall durability and filter life but eliminates shredding.

In addition, each replacement filter is double pleated for enhanced filtration capabilities when compared to non-pleated filters, providing 21-percent more filtration area. An integral part of the exclusive ProTeam Four Level Filtration system, these ProTeam vacuum filters feature dual layer construction that allows them to capture more hazardous particles in the air as well as a microbial treatment that aids in containing and preventing odors and the spread of bacteria and mold.

These level 1 micro filter bags are engineered to fit the LineVacer, CoachVac, Super CoachVac and MegaVac vacuum cleaners. They come in a convenient package of 10 and have a large 10-quart capacity. Filters are open collared, making them easy to empty and reuse several times. ProTeam is a proud partner with the American Lung Association in an educational campaign concerning indoor air quality issues.

ProTeam has been innovating efficient and effective cleaning solutions for over 30 years with a focus on productivity, cost of ownership, ergonomics, cleaning for health, and sustainability.

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